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Upcoming Events at CSE

Bringing Shakespeare into Utah Classrooms

Applications are being accepted for this summer's Shakespeare Workshop for teachers. From 24 to 26 June, K–12 teachers who attend the workshop will receive customized training through special workshop sessions with theatre educations specialists, seminars with actors and festival workers, and Shakespeare plays at the renowned Utah Shakespeare Festival! The cost to participate is $100, which includes two continuing education credits, play tickets, several meals, and more. Learn more . . .

Europe Days Outreach Challenge

CSE is sponsoring an outreach challenge to help schools and communities get to know Europe. Participating schools will create Europe-based programs for their own schools and communities on or around Utah Europe Day (Friday, 9 May). Three schools with the best programs will win scholarships to be used for any CSE programing for teachers or students. Participants must submit a proposal by Monday, 14 April for an activity that must happen before Thursday, 15 May. Learn more . . .

Café CSE

There are still two Café CSE events left in the school year, and they promise to be great conversations. On Wednesday, 5 March, find out everything you should read as Nick Mason, Greg Stallings, and Anca Sprenger review the top ten novels from early twenty-first century Europe. Then on Wednesday, 2 April, take a break and listen to Kendall Brown, Chris Hodson, and Brandie Siegfried, with Karen Carter as moderator, talk about the flamboyant monarchs of Europe. Every Café CSE takes place at 4:00 p.m. in 238 HRCB, and refreshments are served after the conversation. Learn more . . .

News Items

The French Department's Outreach Crusade
The French and Italian Department is serious about outreach, and it is enjoying serious success. Upcoming projects include high school summer French-language camp, secondary teachers' language institute, spring language fair, and dual immersion programs throughout the state.

Declining European Religiosity? A Historical Trend
Visiting professor Anna Grzymala-Busse tells CSE why European religiosity is, in fact, not declining.

Language Scholarship Winners: How I Used My $5,000

Recipients of the 2010–2011 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) scholarship share what inspires their passion for languages and how they've used the scholarship to pursue it.